50th Anniversary Notebook

In celebration of our 50th anniversary, the OU Students Association is launching a limited collection of items, featuring our colourful new branding.

This eco-friendly hard cover notebook is a must-have for all OU students. Whether you use it during study sessions at the local coffee shop, or it sits neatly with your module materials on your home desk, the eye-catching OU Students Association branding will ensure everyone knows that you are proud to be an Open University student.

All profits from the sale of this notebook will be donated to the Open University Students Educational Trust (OUSET), which is a charity owned and operated by the OU Students Association. Through OUSET, students who are in severe hardship are able to access grants, so that their financial situation does not threaten their chances of educational success and the completion of their studies.

OU Students Association eco notebook with Kraft paper cover, elastic closure, elastic pen loop and ribbon. Made from recycled paper with 100 sheets of cream lined 70gsm pages. 140mm x 210mm x 1.5mm.

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