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A276 - Classical Latin: the language of ancient Rome - PDF DOWNLOAD.

DOWNLOADABLE PAPER. This paper will be provided in PDF format for you to save to your computer (please note, Adobe Acrobat reader is needed to view the files. www.adobe.com).


PLEASE NOTE - As of 22 January 2018, part 2 of the A276 examination paper has been revised for all examinations to be taken from 2018 onwards, and this is reflected in edition 2.1 of the Specimen Examination Paper. Part 2 of the exam now includes a choice between ‘Further Latin language’ (Question 7) and ‘Close reading’ (Question 8). Previously, in Part 2, students chose either to compare the content of two passages or to compare two different translations.

 The following items are now out of date in respect of Part 2 of the exam:

                 A276/SEP & Notes, edition 1.1 (WEB 03508 7)

                A276/E examination paper, dated Wednesday 7 June 2017

                A276/J examination paper, dated Tuesday 7 June 2016

                A276 examination papers taken in September 2017 and September 2016

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