About Us

OU Students Shop is the trading name of OUSA (Services) Ltd. We are a private limited company operated by a team within the Open University Students Association.  

Our Board of Directors is comprised of OU students, who work with the staff at the Students Association to make OU Students Shop a success. At the end of the financial year any profit is covenanted to the OU Students Association, who forwards it as a donation to the OU Students Educational Trust (OUSET). OUSET is a charity run by the Students Association to support OU students in severe financial hardship. So by purchasing merchandise or exam papers from OU Students Shop you are supporting the student charity too!

OU Students Shop was established in 1995 to operate the Students Association's retailing business and, primarily, to provide a service to OU students. Our aims are:

  • to provide a value for money service for students
  • to offer goods and services that support and benefit the OU student experience
  • to foster a sense of shared identity among OU students and the wider OU community
  • to promote and support the OUSET charity 

In addition to branded OU and OU Students Association merchandise, OU Students Shop is the only body authorised to reproduce and sell a number of Open University past examination papers. 

You can shop our entire range of merchandise and exam papers online. We also sell a more limited range of merchandise at face to face events such as degree ceremonies, residential schools, day schools and other student events. If you are interested in volunteering as a student marketing representative at one of these events local to you, or would like to request an OU Students Shop merchandise stall to enhance your student event, please contact the team at ousa-services@open.ac.uk. 

We use #realmodels in our catalogue photography, because we believe in a clothing and merchandise range that is #open to everyone and loved by all different kinds of @oustudents