1.       How do I search for a past exam paper?

There is an option to ‘browse past papers’ by subject area on the right hand side of the OU Students Shop home page. In addition, you can input your module code e.g. S104, B203, MST124 directly in to the search box in the top right corner and press the enter button.

2.       Why can’t I find a past exam paper for my module?

The Students Association is the only outlet authorised to provide past exam papers to students. The University release papers to the Association 3-4 times a year which are then made available to students. If your module does not have a paper available it is because that Faculty have not made past exam papers available.

3.       How do I select multiple papers for my module?

If multiple past exam papers are available for your module please click on the icon to access the list of papers.

You will be taken to a screen where you can select the papers that you require. You can also search for a module code using the search box at the top. You will need to select a past exam paper which will take you to the individual paper's page. You can then select what years you need and chose and ‘add to cart’.

4.       How do I confirm my order?

Once you have selected the past exam paper(s) you require please go to ‘checkout’. All past exam papers are free of charge however you will be required to fill out your contact details including a valid email address to complete your order. You will be asked to accept the terms and conditions before clicking on ‘review order’. On the review order screen you will see a summary of your order, check this screen is correct before submitting your order. After you have submitted your order you will see a message confirming your order is complete with an individual order number.

5.       How quickly will I receive my papers?

You will receive a confirmation email immediately summarising your order. Please allow approximately 15-20 minutes for further email to arrive that will include the past exam papers. In the event that you do not receive your second email within an hour please contact the Operations team via ousa-services@open.ac.uk for assistance. We will reply to emails within 48 hours (excluding weekends).

6.       Do the past exam papers include answers?

No, unfortunately answers are not available.  

7.       Do I require any particular software to download past exam papers?

You will require access to the internet and Adobe Acrobat reader to view the PDF files sent to you.

8.       Can I request a past exam paper in a different format?

If you require a past exam paper in an accessible format or different coloured background, then please contact the Students Association office  o n 01908 652 026 or via email: ousa-services@open.ac.uk We will make every effort to support requests.

9.       How do I create an account?

To create an account click ‘your account’ in the top right corner of the OU Students Shop. The select the ‘create new account’ option. You will then be invited to input your personal details before clicking create new account at the bottom of the page.

10.   How do I re-set my password?

To request a new password please select ‘request new password’ under the area ‘your account’. You will be asked to enter your username before clicking on ‘email new password’. You will then be emailed a link that is valid for one day. Click on the link which will take you to a new window to enter and confirm a new password. Press save at the bottom of the screen, a note will appear at the top confirming changes have been saved.

11.   Do I have to make a donation?

No. Donations to The Open University Students Educational Trust (OUSET) are completely optional. When completing your purchase you will be invited to donate, however if you wish not to please select the ‘continue to checkout’ option at the top of the page.

12.   If I do want to donate, how much should I pledge?

If you would like to support the work of OUSET the amount you wish to donate is entirely up to you. However, due to processing costs we would respectfully recommend 50p as a minimum donation.

13.   I would like to donate but not via the OU Students Shop.

Donations can also be made by sending a cheque with a covering letter to the Students Association office at: The OU Students Association, PO Box 397, Walton Hall, Milton Keynes, MK7 6BE. Please address the cheque to The Open University Students Educational Trust.

14.   I want to purchase a graduation t-shirt from an upcoming degree ceremony. Can I purchase this item in advance?

At present there is no facility to pre-order a graduation T-shirt. Due to timeframes involved in with printing graduate names on the back of the T-shirt, regrettably we are unable to offer them for sale before the ceremony. The T-shirts will be available at the Students Association merchandise stall on a first come-first-served basis.

15.   I would rather not use the OU Students Shop, can I place an order over the phone?

The most efficient way of ordering past exam papers or merchandise is via the online shop. In exceptional circumstances an order may be placed over the phone via the contact number provided at the top of the OU Students shop homepage. We encourage our customers to use our online facilities to ensure payment protection and efficiency of service.

16.   I haven’t received my item(s) in the post. What should I do?

Although we would generally expect delivery within 5-7 days please allow up to 10 working days to receive your order if using standard delivery. If after 10 working days you have not received your item(s) please contact theStudents Association office on the number provided on the OU Students Shop for further assistance. Please refer to the delivery policy document at the bottom of the web shop for a comprehensive guide to our delivery guidelines.

17.   Does my TOTUM card give me a discount on any merchandise?

Unfortunately not. Customers who have a TOTUM card are not eligible to any discount when purchasing merchandise on the OU Students Shop. Please do keep an eye on the ‘sale’ section of the Web shop to find discounted items.

18.   Can I use any email provider to receive my past exam papers?

Our system is set up to allow customers to use any email provider however we have had some reports of emails not reaching ‘btinternet’ accounts. If possible please use an alternative provider when ordering past exam papers.

19.   The item I would like is out of stock, when will this be back in stock?

We generally try and replenish stock at the earliest opportunity. However, if you would like to enquire about the availability of a particular item ,then please contact the Students Association office by phone on 01908 652 026 or by email: ousa-services@open.ac.uk 

20.   How do I return/exchange an item?

For a full overview of our returns/exchange policy please refer to the Returns/Exchange policy on the Web shop.

21.   Can I provide additional delivery instructions?

Yes, when you are in the checkout you can add order comments before reviewing your order. Please use this option if you would like a package left in a certain location – i.e. in a porch. Please note this information will be printed however we are unable to guarantee the action will be carried out.

22.   Are personalised items available?

At present we do not offer a range of personalised merchandise items. If there is a particular item you would like to enquire about please contact the Operations team to discuss further.

23.   What methods of payment can I use?

Payments can be made using Visa, Visa debit, Visa Electron, Mastercard and Maestro. Unfortunately we cannot accept American Express.

24.   My payment is not working, what should I do?

In the first instance we recommend that you contact your bank to ensure there are no issues you need to be aware about. It is, on very rare occasions also possible for a glitch on a server or web browser to hinder the payment process. If all is well with your bank please allow an hour before attempting to complete your transaction again double checking the digits entered or try on another web browser. If you experience ongoing issues please call 01908 652 026 for further assistance.

25. Why is there a £125 limit (or 150 Euros including  postage)  on what I can spend?

Due to Brexit implications, we can only process orders up to this limit on a single card transaction. For orders above this limit please contact us directly on ousa-services@open.ac.uk and we will be happy to assist you.