Donation to the Open University Students Educational Trust

The Open University Students Educational Trust (OUSET) is a charity owned and operated by the OU Students Association, to support OU students who are in severe financial hardship, where the likelihood of successfully completing their study goals is threatened. One of the aims of the OU Students Shop is to support this charitable endeavour. OUSET's Board of Trustees is chaired by the immediate past president of the Students Association and is nearly entirely comprised of student trustees. 

The majority of funds for OUSET are raised by Students Association members. Year on year, students use their ingenuity and their expertise to come up with ever more interesting ways of raising money on behalf of those students in financial need. You can find out more about becoming involved with OUSET fundraising here on the Students Association website or by emailing

However the money is raised, OUSET is always grateful for the support it receives from our OU students, staff and friends. Thank you sincerely for your kind donation. 

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